Henri plays with around 20 couples on total widowhood, in which there is roulation. Before the race they will go in the basket two or three time for a short flight of around 25 kilometres. After that there will not be driven in between if everything goes well and the pigeons come home quickly. The pigeons basically go into the basket every week, with exception of the widowers who sometimes get a weekend rest. Afterwards they will be fed with the mixtures of Beyers where they lack nothing. Every year about 60 youngsters will be used for own use and they are raised in a natural way, adapted to the natour and they won't be darkened. withing the season there is extra attention for older pigeons, hence the choice to learn youngsters for the natour.



Medical there is little to be done outside of the obligatory paramyxo vaccination (which take place twice for youngsters). There is nothing preventive in the water or food. But we do work with different products to increase the immune system for the pigeons.



Do believe more in patience than in some powder. Always search for ways to keep pigeons healthy in a natural way and which will still keep them arriving fast!



Pigeons with class!